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Ron Harmon



Chief Harmon began his career at Atascadero State Hospital in June 1998. He promoted to Sergeant and Lieutenant at Atascadero before accepting the Chief of Police position at Coalinga State Hospital in August 2011. He returned to Atascadero in November 2012 and became the acting Chief in May 2015. His appointment became permanent in April 2016.

During his career, Chief Harmon has worked, supervised and managed all divisions of the Department of Police Services. He is a graduate of the State Hospital Police Academy, Class 001, and has been very involved in the development of the academy into the required entry-level training for all Hospital Police Officers.


Message from the DSH Police Chief - Atascadero State Hospital

As Chief of Police at Atascadero State Hospital, I am honored to lead an outstanding group of law enforcement professionals serving in a unique and challenging environment. They have committed to providing a safe, secure place for the treatment of the mentally ill through the delivery of competent, professional law enforcement services.

The future promises growth in numbers, challenges, and opportunities. As Chief, I am dedicated to communicating those challenges and opportunities throughout the department. Through sound, compassionate leadership at every level, the men and women of the Department of Police Services – Atascadero will continue to excel in fulfilling their responsibility to the patients, staff and community.


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