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Metro Fire Chief Andrew Marques graduated from Tutorial High School and his association with what had now become the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had his eyes set on becoming a veterinary surgeon.

But then something happen, Andrew decided to pursue his Boy Scout firefighting merit badge and after several trips to the fire station and the training he received he knew that fire service was his calling and submitted an application, took the entrance exam along with 700 applicants.

The fire service career of Andrew N. Marques commenced with his acceptance as a recruit firefighter entering the Guyana Fire Service for a four (4) month academy along with 93 others, four (4) women included. At the end of the academy 71 men and the 4 women were commissioned as firefighters.

In January 1983 he was promoted to the rank of Leading Fireman and was transferred to the Fire Prevention Office and he began planning for further career advancement studying for the Institution of Fire Engineers of London four (4) year graduate program and exams while continuing his volunteer work with the GSPCA.

During the next year Andrew was sent to complete the Guyana Coast Guard sea search and urban rescue course, the Guyana Police Force Criminal Investigation Department introduction course and the Director of Public Prosecutions course in preparation for his swearing in as a peace officer which was required to perform the duties of a Fire Prevention Officer. After Andrew was sworn in as a peace officer his focus change from just volunteering with the animal clinic in the area of animal care to one of investigating reported cases of animal cruelty arresting, charging and prosecuting more than 200 cases.

In February, 1986 Andrew was offered the opportunity to go to London to be part of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inspectors Academy. He took the opportunity and with assistance from the Fire Chief from the Guyana Fire Service he was able to work along with the London Fire Brigade.

On his return home at the end of 1986 Andrew wrote the Institution of Fire Engineers examinations and was successful receiving certificates in Fire Engineering Sciences, Fire Prevention, Building Construction, Fire Ground Operations, Aircraft Firefighting and Fire Service Equipment.

In 1987 Andrew wrote the Guyana Fire Service Section Leaders fire service promotional exams and was successful and was then transferred to fire service administration complex to work on a special assignment the development of a ten (10) year fire service expansion project for the government. During this period Andrew began preparing for his eventual return to the operations side of the fire service and with the blessing of the fire service administration was allowed to use his off duty hours to be trained as a 911 fire dispatcher. He was later transferred to the 911 dispatch center. His next transfer came 18 months later to the operations side of the fire service when his promotion to the rank of Section Leader was approved by the civil service.

It was here that Andrew saw service at the International Airport Fire Station, the Fire Boat Station as the officer in charge and at fire service headquarters as an acting Sub Office in charge of a shift covering all the fire stations in the Capital of Guyana, Georgetown. In this position he also had secondary responsibility for the fire stations in sub Division “A” Division “B” and Division “D”.

In 1994 Andrew left the Guyana Fire Service and moved to Southern California just missing the recruitment cutoff period to become a regular member of the Orange County Fire Authority and settled to be a reserve firefighter. During this time Andrew continued his fire service education writing the certified arson investigator exams sponsored by the West Midlands Arson Task Force and was successful.

In March of 2012 a position for a firefighter with the Department of Developmental Services Lanterman opened Andrew was offered the position and accepted it. The following year he was promoted to the rank of acting fire chief.

With the coming closure of the Lanterman Developmental Center Andrew had to make a decision on what he would do next. On June, 1 2014 The Department of State Hospital (Metropolitan) hired Andrew N. Marques to fill the vacant position of Fire Chief at the hospital that was vacant for approximately 3-1/2 years. Fire Chief Marques a career firefighter with 35 years fire department experience and a graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers of London, a certified Arson Investigator. The Fire Chief during the year attended several training courses with the California Specialized Training Institute, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security sponsored training and Texas A & M Engineering. The Fire Chief is also a State of California certified training instructor for the SEMS and NIMS courses.

Mr. Andrew Marques also holds certificates in Emergency Planning, Disaster Mitigation, Disaster Recovery, Debris Management, and Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals and several Emergency Operation Center credentials and have served the fire departments he has worked for in the planning and research division, administration, operations and the fire prevention enforcement and investigations sections and recently completed his NFPA 1033 Fire Investigators certification while attending an advance explosive and recognition course Tulare County.

The Fire Chief upon his arrival at Metropolitan State Hospital immediately started to access the needs of the hospital fire protection, disaster management/response and training of staff to respond in an emergency.

The Fire Chief in the last six months of 2014 responded to:

Fire Alarms - 19
Medical Aid escorts of County Fire - 35

Attended a Joint Commission training and review of Standards.

Participated in the Joint Commission Survey of the facility and completed the plan of corrections for the fire department findings.

Participated in the CDPH Licensing surveys and completed the plan of corrections for the deficiencies identified as fire department responsibilities.

Attended Urban Shield in Oakland California.

Fire Chief Marques obtained permission for the L A County Fire Department to use the State Hospital’s facility for light training and conducted tours of the facility so the fire department personnel would become familiar with Metropolitan State Hospital grounds.


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