DSH - Metropolitan LA: Services

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Administrative Services

Administrative Services, under the direction of the Hospital Administrator, is composed of various departments which are responsible for the daily operational and safety needs of the facility. Included are:

  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Communications
  • Dietary Services
  • Fashion Center
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fiscal Services
  • Health & Safety
  • Health Info. Mgt.
  • Hospital Police
  • Housekeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Mailroom
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Plant Operations
  • Printing/Duplicating
  • Trust Office
  • Warehouse

These departments are instrumental in providing services that benefit the patients, staff and the local community.

Medical Services

Medical Services provides consultation, diagnosis, preventive and therapeutic medical treatment to the patients and staff of the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) - Metropolitan LA.

Medical and surgical care is enhanced by utilizing local and county JCAHO Accredited medical centers that provide specialized consultation, diagnostic and treatment services.

The on-site services available consist of:

Acute Medical Care Clinics Specialty Clinics:

  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Optometry
  • OB/GYN
  • Public Health

Other services:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Employees Clinic
  • Public Health Office
  • Podiatry
  • Physical Ability Testing Lab
  • Dental
  • Physical Therapy
  • Central Supply
  • Radiology
  • Clinic Escort Service

Additional Patient Services

There are a variety of patient related services that occur off-unit throughout the hospital grounds. These include the following CPS facilities:

  • The patient socialization program - "Oasis"
  • Patient Library
  • James Hall Auditorium - for hospital-wide recreational activities
  • Beauty and Barber Shop
  • Industrial Therapy - providing minimum wage employment in accordance with individual treatment plans
  • Golden Vista School -providing GED, life skills and remedial education for patients
  • Volunteer Services - a large and active department that offers both direct and support services to patient programs under the guidance of hospital staff
  • Religious Center - Catholic, Protestant and Jewish chapels and regularly scheduled religious services.
  • Fashion Center - clothing for patients in a store-like setting.
  • Community Store
  • Arts in Mental Health Program - Community artists provide structured activities in a therapeutic setting including art, music, dance and theater workshops under the coordination of the Artist Facilitator.
  • Horticultural Program - providing education and rehabilitation services in greenhouse and garden settings on the hospital campus
  • "Twice Treasured" Retail Store Work Training Center- provides training in retail sales to patients. Proceeds from twice annual rummage sales go to fund vocational activities for patients at MSH.

Other services and facilities include:

  • Courtyards for intramural and individual activities.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Clinics - provide space for cooking, crafts, fitness, music and leisure pursuits and related rehabilitation therapies.
  • Medical, dental, physical therapy, podiatry and other medical ancillary services.
  • Dining facilities
  • Park
  • Ballfield and Picnic area
  • The Trust Office and Cashier's Office which handle patient financial accounts
  • The Beauty & Barber Shop is operated by licensed staff who offer professional hair care for patients by appointment in a shop-like setting. Patients who are not able to visit the Shop are visited by the stylist on the unit. These visits are made upon request by unit staff and/or scheduled on a rotational basis.
  • The Fashion Center provides a boutique-like environment where patients may select clothing off the rack, be fitted for shoes and select accessories such as hats and jewelry to complement their wardrobe. Staff assist patients, if necessary, in the selection process to ensure proper fit and advise them about garments that are most complementary for them. Patients who are not able to visit the Fashion Center and do not have personal clothing are provided individual clothing on the unit.
  • Work Training Center is located in the same building as The Fashion Center and houses the bicycle shop and the Retail Training Center. This work center should again be mentioned under Additional Patient Services which is under Treatment Programs.
  • The Patient Library is located next door to the Oasis and provides a quiet, calm environment where patients may read the latest magazines, newspapers and books. There is a large selection of books for reading as well as books on tape. A music room provides an area that is used for listening to a variety of music, via tape or records on individual headsets. Over 300 movie videotapes are available for patient and staff viewing. The tapes may be shown on the units and include some of the classics as well as movies that just reached the video stores. The movies are selected by the library staff and do not include violent or action-packed adventures.
  • The Fragrance Garden, next to the Library, was developed by staff from the Oasis, patients and volunteers for the enjoyment of patients and staff. It provides and assortment of aromatic flowers and vines with two arbors at the entrances and numerous benches for one to sit, relax, meditate and enjoy the beauty within this quaint Victorian garden.
  • Religious Services are provided on a scheduled basis by chaplains of three major denominations: Catholic, Jewish, Protestant. Counseling, pastoral care and religious information is available to patients and staff. In addition to off-unit religious services, the chaplains visit patients on the units when patients are not able to attend the scheduled services. A Buddhist Monk provides services on the Asian unit.
  • Recreational Activities are provided in various settings. James Hall is a large auditorium where hospital-wide events are staged, including fashion shows, dances, Town Hall meetings and musical performances. A Park with picnic tables, barbecue facilities, and lots of green grass is available. The area is used for hospital/program/unit picnics and by families who visit with patients off the units. Patios/courtyards are contiguous to each unit. The patio area is used for outdoor recreation, intramural and individual activities. Patients are permitted to smoke in this outdoor area.
  • Golden Vista School provides Adult Basic Education classes and the opportunity for patients to prepare for their GED.
  • Arts in Mental Health contracts with artists/facilitators to provide visual, performing and literary fine arts to the patients.
  • OASIS is a canteen-like setting and provides patients with an opportunity to purchase items from vending machines. This setting promotes socialization and structured activities provided by the OASIS staff.

Volunteer Services

Through the Volunteer Center at DSH - Metropolitan LA, members of the community have the opportunity to contribute to the hospital by becoming personally involved; by becoming a volunteer, and/or providing donations.

Interested members of the community may apply to be a volunteer. There are two categories for volunteer work, direct and indirect. A direct service volunteer is one that works directly with the patients as a student, individual or member of a group. An indirect service volunteer provides service in non-patient areas but still benefits the hospital’s ability to provide high quality care. The job duties of a volunteer vary but always prove to be a rewarding experience.

Volunteer Services accepts donations for the hospital. Donations may include a wide range of new and used items. Because the hospital operates on a fixed budget, many of the extras we are able to provide patients are made available through donations. Needed donations include items such as personal care items, party supplies and tickets to community events. Monetary donations are also appreciated and are deposited in the Patients’ Benefit Fund which is used for patient special events and activities. Other donations may be made through Volunteer Services. An itemized receipt is issued as all donations are tax deductible.

The Volunteer Center offers members of the public who have an interest in DSH - Metropolitan LAan opportunity to become involved. For more information on how to become involved in these programs, please phone the Volunteer Coordinator at (562) 651-4311.

Hospital Leases

Several other programs lease space on the grounds and are an integral part of the campus life here at DSH - Metropolitan LA. They are:

  • L.A. County Department of Mental Health Patient Emergency Coordination Services and State Hospital Placement Services. This unit provides gatekeeping services, which monitor the availability of L.A. County inpatient beds. They also provide 7 day a week, 24 hour a day coverage for mental health emergencies throughout the county. The Placement Unit is responsible for the placement of MSH patients into the community. The staff works closely with the treatment teams to provide the most effective aftercare plans for each patient.
  • Southeast Council Alcohol and Drug Programs - Detox and residential counseling programs.
  • Rio Hondo Temporary Home - Homeless shelter which provides services to homeless families.
  • State of California DMH Community Programs Office- Provides quality assurance and contract monitoring services for community mental health facilities.
  • California Department of Corrections Conditional Release Program- administrative and oversight offices.
  • Wheelabrator Cogeneration Plant - utilizes the hospital's steam production to produce electricity. The electricity is sold to Southern California Edison and the hospital buys it at a reduced rate. This is a 30-year lease.
  • California Conservation Corps - provides training for young adults in outdoor work for CalTrans and the Parks and Recreation Department including landscaping, graffiti removal, and emergency response services.
  • Homes for Life - a nonprofit organization which provides long-term housing for persons with mental illness.