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Hospital Police Department (HPD) Police Officer

The Department of State Hospitals - Patton Police Department began operation with the deployment of the first eight sworn officers in January of 2002.

Role of Police

Hospital police gain their peace officer authority under Penal Code Section 830.38. While this authority extends to any place in the state for purposes of performing their duty or when making an arrest, it is important to note that the hospital police officers' primary responsibility is the performance of their duties on state hospital grounds. Special Investigators are post-certified peace officers, who engage in complex investigations of all sorts, both criminal and administrative.

A visible uniformed presence is seen as one of the most important aspects of police service at the Department of State Hospitals - Patton. Therefore, hospital police officers are to remain mobile within the hospital perimeter. The California Department of Corrections maintains fence perimeter under an interagency memorandum of understanding. Attention is given to ensure that the presence of a "uniform" becomes and remains a positive element. Striking this balance entails ongoing communication between and among hospital police officers program staff and Patients served. A professional appearance and demeanor by officers is seen as key.

Hospital police officers play an important interagency security role. They will take reasonable and necessary actions to restore order as circumstances dictate, working with California Department of Corrections officers, programs staff and others.

Scene containment, preservation of evidence and initial reporting are within the scope of the hospital police officer's duties where suspected criminal conduct has occurred. Such activities are coordinated with special investigations, as well as allied agencies as set forth in relevant memorandums of understanding. Program staff are encouraged to seek the early assistance of hospital police officers when needed.


Communications Operator: 24 hours - (909) 425-7000
Watch Commander: 7:00am to 11:00 pm - (909) 425-6572
Supervising Special Investigator - (909) 425-6846


Chief, Hospital Police: (909) 425-6379
Lieutenant: (909) 425-6551
Secretary: (909) 425-6455

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at Department of State Hospitals - Patton is responsible for the integrity and security of the compound perimeter fence lines and checking for unauthorized movement. Security for areas within the perimeter fence is the responsibility of the Hospital Police Department. The CDCR is also responsible for:

  • Control of the Sally Ports and Pedestrian Gates of each secure compound.
  • Transportation/escort of Individuals served to appointments in the community and maintaining continuous escort of Individuals served who are hospitalized in the community.

Watch Commander: (909) 425-7784
Watch Sergeant : (909) 425-7781