DSH - Patton: Allowable and Contraband Items for Patients to Keep in their Possession


Individuals served at Department of State Hospitals(DSH) - Patton are allowed to have in their possession specified personal and state property, which does not impede the safety and security of the hospital. All staff, Individuals served and visitors will adhere to this policy.

Allowable Items/Contraband List for Patients to Keep in their Possession

Refer to the ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST for specific information related to:

  • Allowable item
  • Method of entry into the facility
  • Whether a particular item is required to be factory sealed or requires Wellness and Recovery Team (WRT) approval prior to access.
  • Requirements regarding quantity limits, size, or color.

Allowable Items/Contraband List



Items which Individuals served are not allowed to be in possession of.

Controlled Items:

Items (see Attachment A) which require the following:

  • Review by the Individual's Wellness and Recovery Team (WRT) prior to the Individual receiving the item as personal property.
  • Checked out to the Individual and are to be utilized by the individual for the intended purpose and are not altered.
  • Returned, by the Individual, to the nursing station prior to the hour of sleep on the same day

Supervised Items:

Materials and tools, which will be used under the direct supervision of treatment staff only. Direct supervision requires that staff observe the use of said item(s).

Factory Sealed:

Item sealed in such a way that the items inside are accessible only by destroying the permanent seal. All items that appear to have been tampered with will be rejected.


Contracted company which sells items to Individuals and their friends and family members.


The company that an item has been purchased from (not a mailing/shipping company). A vendor cannot be a family member and the item can not be handled or touched by the purchaser, only the vendor (See suggested vendor list below).

Summary of Guidelines

Any item that constitutes a safety or security concern can be denied or confiscated. Items made of or including glass, with the exception of eyeglasses and nail polish, shall not be permitted. Any items, which contain metal or volatile parts, will be allowed only in accordance with ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST. Items requiring refrigeration after opening will not be allowed. These items must be purchased from the Canteen.


  • Food items requiring refrigeration after opening may only be purchased from the canteen. Food items (e.g., dry meats, cheeses, candy, nuts,) may be received by mail through vendor only if the items are factory sealed, do not require refrigeration (package must not say "Refrigeration after opening Required"), and are received in non-contraband containers (i.e., no glass, no metal, etc.). Items may also be purchase through Hospital Canteen. Homemade food items, alcohol-based food items, dried fruits, and nuts in shells (exception: sunflower seeds in shells) are considered to be Non-Allowable Food Items.
  • All items will be mailed from a vendor, family/friend or purchased through the Canteen in accordance with ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST. See Canteen and Ordering Information. Packages will not be accepted in the Visiting Center. Visitors may not bring items to the mailroom for delivery to an Individual served.

Packages and Letters:

  • All packages will be opened and searched/inspected prior to going to the Individual served. Unapproved items will be returned to the sender at the Individual's expense. Items, which are mailed to the Individual in a glass or metal container, e.g. coffee and tobacco will be transferred into plastic container by hospital staff. Items that come in allowable packaging will be left intact and not dumped into plastic bags.
  • All incoming and outgoing letters to and from Individual's served (exception - WIC 5358/LPS Individuals have the right to receive unopened correspondence, which will be opened in front of staff) shall be opened and inspected for contraband by staff. All oversized and bulky letters shall be considered to be packages and shall be opened in the Hospital Package Room.
  • All photos, received through the mail, will be screened by the staff. Polaroid pictures are not allowed to come in through the mail.


  • Individuals served may only possess fifteen dollars ($15.00) in change (quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies). Currency (paper money) and/or excessive coins are contraband.

Prohibited Items:

The following items are considered to be contraband items and shall not be permitted (see ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST for more details):

  • Electronic equipment/systems (e.g. video game systems) which have wireless or remote internet capability or can be converted into having such capability.
  • Radios with walkie-talkie or police bands or external recording devices.
  • Body powders (e.g. baby, talcum) and baby oil
  • Back Packs
  • Purses or bags with detachable straps.
  • Shoes with steel shanks or hollow heels or magnetic components.
  • Cigarettes/Tobacco and Tobacco products and lighters/matches
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • drugs
  • cigarettes/tobacco products
  • poisons
  • glue
  • firearms
  • weapons
  • cameras
  • recording devices
  • pets

State-Issued Only:

The following will only be allowed when issued by the hospital (State Issued Only – see ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST for more details):

  • Beanies (knit Caps)
  • Clothing (with the exception of undergarments)
  • Dental floss
  • Pens, pencils, plastic paper clips
  • Plastic spoons/sporks
  • Suspenders


Televisions must be pre-approved by the Individual’s WRT prior to purchase due to size limitation issues. Musical Instruments must be pre-approved by the Individual’s WRT prior to purchase due to safety and storage issues.

Requests to Add Items:

Requests to add items to the current allowable items list may be submitted by an Individual served, family member (via Patton Alliance for the Mentally Ill - PAMI), or employees to the Clinical Administrator (C.A.).