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All items mailed from a family/friend through a vendor or purchased through the “Canteen” must be in accordance with Allowable Items and Contraband List. At Department of State Hospitals (DSJ- Patton, the “Canteen” is not a physical place like a store or a café. Canteen refers to a SPECIFIC contracted COMPANY which sells approved items from a menu to patients and their friends and family members, and delivers them directly to the patient twice per week

Patients place orders and have those items delivered to them on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  Families & friends use www.PattonPackages.com or call 1(800)546-6283 to place orders, which are delivered to the patient along with regular canteen on Tuesdays and Friday evenings.

Any item that constitutes a safety or security concern can be denied or confiscated. Items made of or including glass, with the exception of eyeglasses and nail polish, shall not be permitted. Any items, which contain metal or volatile parts, will be allowed only in accordance with Allowable Items and Contraband List.

How to Order:

In addition to the “canteen” orders listed above, DSH - Patton patients, and their families and friends, are permitted to do business with ANY legitimate mail-order company (which includes, but is certainly NOT limited to AccessSecurepack and Walkenhorse.) 

Items purchased from mail-order vendors arrive and are processed through DSH - Patton’s Package Room.  Allowable items that do NOT require the US to sign for them (due to "limits" issues or other controlled item/supervised item issues) go straight through to the patient, Mondays through Fridays.

Families & friends need to be especially careful when ordering from the Internet, because the Package Room inspects everything that comes in and all invoices have to match the items in the package. 

To order from one acceptable vendor, Access Securepack, you can use the following link: Place an Order

Food Items/Canteen:

Food items requiring refrigeration after opening e.g., dry meats, cheeses, candy, nuts, and sausages) may be received by mail through vendor only if the items are factory sealed. However these items must be received in non-contraband containers (i.e., no glass, no metal, etc.). Items may also be purchase through Hospital Canteen. Homemade food items, alcohol-based food items, dried fruits, and nuts in shells (exception: sunflower seeds in shells) are considered to be Non-Allowable Food Items.