DSH - Patton - Patient Resources: Mail Services to Patients

  • All incoming and outgoing letters to and from patients (exception - WIC 5358/LPS patients have the right to receive unopened correspondence, which will be opened in front of staff) shall be opened and inspected for contraband by staff.
  • All packages will be opened and searched and inspected prior to going to patient. Unapproved items will be returned to the sender at the patient’s expense.
  • All oversized and bulky letters shall be considered to be packages and shall be opened in the Hospital Package Room.
  • All items will be mailed from a vendor, family/friend, or purchased through the Canteen in accordance with ALLOWABLE PROPERTY/CONTRABAND LIST.
  • Packages will NOT be accepted in the Visiting Center. Visitors may NOT bring items to the mailroom for delivery to a patient.
  • Stamps can only be purchased through our canteen.

Mailing Address:

Department of State Hospitals - Patton
3102 East Highland Avenue
Patton, California 92369

Photos Received Through the Mail

All photos, received through the mail, will be screened by the staff. Polaroid pictures are not allowed to come in through the mail. Patients are not allowed to have any photos that resemble themselves as adults. Patients are allowed photos of themselves as children or youths, but any photo (even of close relatives) that resemble the patient as an adult are not allowed. Additionally, photos of victims are prohibited.