DSH - Patton: Patient Resources

On this page, you will find information on mailing letters, sending packages, ordering permitted items, and sending funds to patients. You will also learn what is permitted property for patients and what is considered contraband. Please click on the questions below to guide you to the information you need:

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Mail Services

Ordering items to be Sent to a Patient

Patient Resources

Can I mail letters and/or packages to a patient?

Can I send money to a patient and how can I do that?

Are patients allowed to have televisions?

What is the Department of State Hospitals - Patton Mailing Address?

Can I order items to send to a patient, and if so, how?

How can we apply to add items to the allowable list?

Can I send photos to patients? 

Is there a list of definitions to help me understand the ordering process?


Can I drop off items for patients at the visitor center?

What items are prohibited for patients to have at DSH - Patton?


How can a patient get stamps?

Will packages be opened and/or searched?