DSH - Patton: Philosphy

We believe that by providing a secure and therapeutic environment, within the context of a Recovery focused biopsychosocial rehabilitation model, we will maximize our patients potential to live as independently as possible and minimize the disruption of their lives and the lives of others impacted by their illness.

We believe that the process of providing expert clinical evaluation and treatment for the mentally ill patient takes place most effectively in an environment which fosters innovation, creative problem-solving, mutual respect, and a dynamic, therapeutic milieu characterized by collaboration between the staff, the patients, and the community. We foster this collaboration through communication based upon understanding of customer-supplier relationships, resulting in responsive work processes.

As a forensic psychiatric facility whose mission is vitally linked to public policy and community concerns, we believe that our patients are best served in an environment which balances each patient’s treatment needs with security. All members of the the Department of State Hospitals - Patton community are personally responsible for the safety and security of the hospital environment. To maintain security, we provide the structure, support, validation and interactions, which promote self-responsibility, well being, and health.

It is our philosophy to promote positive public relations and encourage employee and patient participation in educating the public regarding mental health issues and the role of the Department of State Hospitals - Patton.

The hospital currently provides psychiatric care and treatment to judicially committed, mentally disordered adult patients. The patients are assigned to a living unit, which is part of one of the seven Treatment Programs. The hospital is currently going through changes regarding how treatment is provided to the patients. Currently treatment is delivered through a centralized approach, where the patients and the staff, from throughout the Hospital, come together to participate in services within Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Malls. Mall interventions are provided, as much as possible, in the context of real-life functioning and in the rhyme of life of the patient. Thus, a PSR mall extends beyond the context of a building or place and its services are based on the needs of the patient, not the needs of the program, the staff members or the institution.

PSR Mall are designed to insure that each patient receives intensive and individual services to promote his/her increased wellness and ability to thrive in the world. All decisions regarding what is offered through each mall are driven by the needs of the patients. Mall services are provided in an environment that is culturally sensitive and strength based. The concept of recovery shall be the guiding principal and operation framework for the mall system. Each patient has a treatment team that they work with in developing the individual Wellness and Recovery Plan. The teams include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Psychiatric Technician.