Family and Visitor Information: Visitor Process Requirements

All visitors will be processed for the detection of contraband upon entering and departing the Visitor Center.  If the visitor refuses the search the visit may be denied and the visitor will be ordered to leave the hospital grounds. All items brought to the Visiting Center are subject to a thorough visual search by the CDCR/HPD Officers.
This is especially important as it is now a misdemeanor (Welfare and Institutions code 4139) to deliver to a patient in a State Hospital any of the following items:

  • A cellular telephone or other wireless communication device, or any component thereof, including, but not limited to, a subscriber identity card (SIM card) or memory storage device.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Money, in excess of the limitations and restrictions adopted by the state hospital.

Complete Visitor Request and Authorization Form (This can be done in advance.)

All visitors must complete the Visitor Request and Authorization Form and submit it with a copy of photo identification to the Hospital Police Department prior to visiting.

If a visitor arrives at the Visiting Center and has not completed the Authorization form, this visitor must complete the form and submit their Identification for copying prior to being allowed into the Visiting Center - this completed application is the visitor's ticket into the Visiting Center. You may print this form out now, complete it, and bring it with you when you visit.

To Save Time, You can Mail Form in Advance:  

In order to expedite the approval process you may also mail the request along with a copy of your photo ID to:

Department of State Hospitals - Patton Police Department
3102 East Highland Avenue
Patton CA 92369

The visitor will be allowed restricted (no contact visits), pending the CLETS review. Hospital Police Department will still run the CLETS and if criteria is met to have a no contact visit or restrict the visit all together,  then the  information will be placed on the visitors list and the Hospital Administrator and Executive Director will be notified.

Visitor Identification Requirements

All visitors must register with the CDCR Officers prior to each visit, presenting the Officer with their acceptable form of identification listed below, giving their name, date of birth, address, telephone number, relationship to patient, and date of visit. This Information will be kept on file. The following shall be acceptable forms of identification:

  • Valid driver’s license with picture
  • Valid Department of Motor Vehicles' identification card with picture
  • Valid federal passport with picture
  • Armed forces identification card with picture
  • Identification cards issued by the United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Valid Mexican Consulate identification with picture

General Visitor Information:

  • Number of Visitors: No more than four (4) persons may visit any one patient at a time.
  • Length of Visit: The length of visit will be based on the number of visitors waiting, space availability, and the distance the visitor had to travel to visit.
  • Patients’ Visitation Rights: Patients have the right to refuse any visit.
  • Random Searches: In order to achieve the goal of providing a safe and therapeutic environment, individual patients, employees and visitors are subject to random searches and/or search for cause in an effort to control contraband.
  • Review of Visitor Restrictions: Visitors who have been restricted from the grounds of Department of State Hospitals - Patton may request a review of the restriction by the Executive Director.
  • Purses and Personal Possessions: It is recommended that all visitors leave their purses and any other hand-carried visitor property in their vehicles if possible. If these items are brought to the Visiting Center, they will be placed in a locker (limited availability), and the key will be retained by the visitor.
  • What Items Patients Can and Can’t Keep in their Possession: There are strict guidelines on what are allowable items and contraband for patients to have in their possession. Before you bring any times to give to a patient during your visit, make sure to read the Allowable Items and Contraband Policy for Patients to have in their Possession list.
  • Withdrawal of Visiting Privileges for Contraband:  Any Visitor who is found to be in violation of the hospital's policies regarding the introduction of contraband into the facility may have their authorization to visit withdrawn for a minimum of 30 days.
  • (Anchor) Long Distance Travel: Visitors who reside 100 miles or more from Department of State Hospitals - Patton are allowed all day visits any day of the week (except during children’s visits on Saturday afternoon), depending on space availability, and only in keeping with the above schedule. Contact the patient’s Social Worker to get approval.
  • (Anchor) Disabled Access: Disabled parking is a premium, very limited and often filled during visitation hours. Visitors are advised to plan on coming extra early and dropping the disabled person off near the West Compound Gate, so that they can use the benches while waiting to go inside for their visit. During the summer, be aware of the warm weather and wear hats, and long sleeves/ protective clothing to avoid excessive exposure to the sun while waiting to visit. Sometimes the area is quite crowded and people have to stand and wait in the sun.
  • Prepare for Summer Heat: During the summer, be aware of the warm weather and wear hats, and long sleeves/ protective clothing to avoid excessive exposure to the sun while waiting to visit.  The waiting area can become quite crowded, and visitors may have to stand and wait in the sun.