DSH - Salinas Valley: Security and Community Safety

Department of State Hospitals (DSH) - Salinas Valley is set within Salinas Valley State Prison, a level IV prison, but we are able to meet the mental health needs of all California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) security levels.  The maximum security prison provides external security with an electric fence, gun towers, while the internal security will be the responsibility of the Department of State Hospitals - Salinas Valley.  All employees are provided with extensive training and supervision to ensure compliance with essential security policies and procedures.  Measures to assure safety and security within this maximum security treatment facility include:

  • Census control – Maintenance of a patient count system is an essential part of the hospital.  A physical count by unit employees of all patients at specified and unspecified times is required.
  • All patient housing and staff areas will be secured at all times.
  • Steel doors throughout the facility.
  • Uniforms and photo identification of all patients.
  • Patient photos will be displayed in nursing stations to ensure proper identification at all times.
  • All employees maintain photo identification on their person at all times.
  • All Treatment Center employees will be equipped with a silent alarm on their person.
  • On-going escape risk assessment.
  • Random shakedowns and room searches.
  • Control of contraband.

Community Safety is Assured

Consistent with policy and procedure, all patients at the facility are constantly and directly supervised.  Peace officers are visible and accessible to all staff when patients are involved in ward activities.  When required, patients are escorted off hospital grounds, usually shackled with hand cuffs and a waist chain for added restraint.

Patients are not involved in any off-grounds work activities.