DSH - Salinas Valley: Visitor and Family Info

Welcome to the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) - Salinas Valley!

On this page, you will find information you need to prepare to visit a patient at the DSH - Salinas Valley. The Department of State Hospital’s Salinas Valley is housed within the walls of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP), so the SVSP regulations and check-in procedures apply to any visitor to the DSH - Salinas Valley.

Inmate Visiting Guidelines

Please see the brochure to the right for all information regarding procedures such as what proper identification is required, and restrictions as to apparel and personal items apply to all visitors. These Inmate Visiting Guidelines can be extremely useful, especially to first-time visitors. Inmate Visiting Guidelines

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For additional Visitor Information please visit Salinas Valley State Prison Visitor Information.

All Visits are No-Contact Visits: All visits are restricted to non-contact visits. Non-contact visits occur with a glass partition between the patient and his visitors. The patient is escorted in handcuffs by staff to the visit.

Where to Wait with Children to Avoid Seeing Handcuffs: The handcuffs are removed only after the patient is secured in his side of the visiting booth; thus, parents who do not wish to have children see the patient in restraints should wait away from the booth or glass partition until the patient is settled.

Length and Number of Visitors Allowed: Non-contact visits are restricted to three visitors and are limited in time (usually one to two hours).

Visiting Days and Hours