Clinical Operations

The Clinical Operations Division facilitates the development, evaluation and maintenance of clinicalstandards for California’s Department of State Hospitals. At the heart of our team is the ClinicalOperations Advisory Council, an interdisciplinary team of clinicians from the state hospitals who are devotedto the quality of clinical care and therapeutic services we provide. As our new Department evolves, theClinical Operations Division is committed to the mission of safety, treatment, and responsibility.

It is the goal of the Clinical Operations Division to modify our culture to a “ground up” change model,so that decision making in Sacramento is based on input from unit staff at the hospitals. This will provide clinicalstaff with a voice for focusing critical ideas and needs up from our facilities into discussions, priority identification,planning and the decision making process at headquarters. Conversely, the Clinical Operations Division will provide aconduit of clear, effective and timely communication from Sacramento to clinical leadership and staff working within ourdepartment.

The Clinical Operations Division works with statewide clinical leadership, to identify best practices withinour current facilities, other forensic facilities outside of California and in the current academic literature.This process will assist the department in identifying, designing, and developing training programs based on ourassessed needs.

While conducting on‐site reviews of clinical services Clinical Operations team members will workclosely with clinical leadership to design data collection methodologies which will be used to better understandour patients, identify patterns and trends, and to create tools for mentoring clinical staff.