A Career as a Firefighter

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The Fire Services contribution to the DSH mission is to improve services to the patients, staff and the surrounding communities. The fulfillment of this mission is being met by uniform improvements to fire service training and education, the use of new technologies making tasks more efficient, and the standardization of hiring practices throughout the state.


DSH has two full service fire stations at Napa State Hospital and Atascadero State Hospital and one fire prevention facility at Coalinga State Hospital. The dedicated Firefighters provide fire suppression and protection to patient care and protect the lives of anyone who works, resides in the area, or visits one of the Department of State Hospitals Fire Department facilities.


Applicants must pass the online Fire Fighter Training and Experience (T&E) examination to be placed on the eligibility list. Please see the Fire Fighter bulletin for details.

Applicants whom pass the examination (70% or better) are ranked by score.


Once you receive your score, click here to search for available firefighter positions within Department of State Hospitals and how to apply.

Fire Departments

Atascadero State Hospital
Coalinga State Hospital
Napa State Hospital

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