Department of State Hospitals (DSH) Language Access Information

DSH is committed to providing equitable access to its services and information for all Californians.

This webpage was created to assist others in gaining meaningful access to information about DSH’s programs and services to individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) and to ensure that language is not a barrier to access vital information.

DSH is currently in the process of translating vital information into a minimum of five languages in addition to English – Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, and explained further in the Department’s Language Access Plan. In the interim, DSH has interpreter services vendors available to assist members of the public with sight translation of the written information contained on the DSH website. Sight translation is the oral translation of written information in the targeted language. These interpretation and translation services are free of cost.

To coordinate sight translation of the written information contained on the DSH website, please contact the DSH Language Access Coordinator by email or phone at:
Phone: 916-651-5657

Translating DSH Website Content Using Google Translate™

DSH website visitors may opt to utilize the Google Translate™ feature found on each page to assist in the translation of DSH information in any language available through this function. Please be advised of the following disclaimer:

The English language webpages on the DSH website are the official source for the program information and services we provide. The Google™ translation feature on the DSH website is for informational purposes only. Please be advised that Google Translate™ is a free third-party service that provides automated translation and is not controlled by DSH.

DSH is unable to guarantee the accuracy or reliability of these automated translations and is not liable for any inaccurate information resulting from the automated translation application tool. Anyone relying on this automated translation does so at their own risk.

If you are using this site for official business, please speak with a translator, which may be coordinated through the DSH Language Access Coordinator referenced above, about the accuracy of the automated translations or review the English pages with someone who speaks English.

Google Translate™ Exceptions

There are specific areas within our website that do not provide the Google Translate™ translation service. These include but are not limited to:

  • Forms and publications: Some forms and publications have been translated into other languages.
  • Other features: Including some graphics, photos, graphical buttons, drop-down menus, and search result features.

Google Translate is best viewed on Microsoft Edge or higher, or on Google Chrome.