State Hospitals - Patient Information Requests - FAQ

Who do I ask if I want more information on a family member or loved one who was a patient at a state hospital?

It is recommended that you personally contract the State Hospital wherein your family member or loved one may have been a patient, either in writing or by phone-call, and make your request for information.  Please see hospital contact information.  

What information can I receive about a loved one that is currently in a state hospital, or used to be in a state hospital?

Unfortunately, due to state and federal confidentiality laws, information that can be disclosed is strictly limited.  In most cases, these confidentiality laws prevail over any request for patient records from an entity, including family member, other than the patient him/herself, even if the patient is deceased.

What if the state hospital is closed?

Some of the state hospitals have been closed over the years, but records are still maintained from each facility.  Please see the listings below of where records are currently being maintained:

Location of Closed State Hospital Records
Closed Hospital or Developmental Center Where Records are Currently Maintained
  • DeWitt State Hospital
  • Modesto State Hospital
  • Stockton State Hospital
  • Agnews Developmental Center (State Hospital)
  • Camarillo Developmental Center/State Hospital - Developmental Disability designation
State Operated Facilities
Department of Developmental Services
  • Mendocino State Hospital
Department of State Hospitals - Napa
2100 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA 94558-6293
Phone 707-253-5000
  • Camarillo State Hospital/Developmental Center - Mental Health designation

Department of State Hospitals - Metropolitan LA
11400 S. Norwalk Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Phone:  562-863-7011
Fax:  562-864-4560


What if I don’t know which state hospital my family member or loved one is/was in?

Due to state and federal confidentiality laws, the Department of State Hospitals is not permitted to tell you which hospital your family member or loved one is, was, or may have been located.  It is best to contact the State Hospital(s) with your inquiries and information that is allowable will be disclosed to you.


What if my relative or loved one is/was not in a state hospital?

If your family member or loved one was not a patient at a State Hospital, the Department of State Hospitals will not have any medical records.