DSH - Coalinga: Facilities

Department of State Hospitals - Coalinga is a 1,500-bed psychiatric hospital for repeat sexual offenders who have completed their prison sentence and have been committed for extended treatment. The maximum-security facility combines internal and external security with community oversight to meet the community's needs.

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Administration Building

Administration Building - The Administration building is located outside the secured facility and is equipped with its own training facility, weight room, and dining room. Disciplines here will consist of Fiscal, Personnel, Health Information Management, General Services, Information Services, and the Executive Offices for Administration.

Gymnasium Gymnasium - This state-of-the-art gym was made more durable, safer and easier to maintain with the installation of a rubberized floor. Sports activities include basketball, badminton and volleyball.

Workshops Workshops - Coalinga State Hospital has two Mill and Cabinet rooms. A Vocational Instructor (Mill and Cabinet) supervise the two areas. One area is designated for education and training and the other is for production.

chapel Chapel - Coalinga State Hospital has two Chapels, one sweat lodge and one religious library. Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and a Native American Spiritual Leader are among the religious origins. We have weekly services and study groups along with religious counseling.

unit courtyard Unit Courtyard - Coalinga State Hospital offers one large socialization courtyard and eight smaller social courtyards, 16 sports yards, 1 baseball courtyard, 1 visitor's courtyard and 8 landscaped atriums.

Patient Mall Patient Mall - 100 yards long, divides the hospital into 2 wings. Bright colors and familiar names for aesthetics, recognition, location memory and to lessen the "clinical" edge. Patients have access to mall with pass or under Support Services escort.


Security Measures

A state-of-the-art security system, run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), surrounds the hospital. CDCR is responsible for external security. Working in close cooperation with the DSH staff, correctional officers operate sally ports to control entry and exit from the facility, observation towers, and perimeter patrols.
Internal security is the responsibility of DSH. DSH-Coaling's police services has over 225 sworn officers, and includes three trained canine units, an emergency response team, visitation supervision, property control, ground patrol as well as a detective unit and special investigators. The police services building also has a communications center with dispatch operators.
All employees are provided extensive training and supervision to ensure compliance with essential security policies and procedures. In addition, numerous internal security measures exist in a maximum-security setting:

  • Census count - Maintenance of a patient count system is an essential part of the hospital. A physical count by unit employees of all patients at specified and unspecified times is required.
  • Lockable units - enable internal lockdown in emergency situations.
  • Uniforms and photo identification of all patients.
  • All employees have photo identification and wear personal alarms.
  • On-going escape risk assessments.
  • Random searches of dorms and common areas to assist in the control of contraband.
  • Metal detectors.

Community Safety Measures

Consistent with policy and procedures, all patients at the facilities are constantly and directly supervised. Peace officers will always accompany staff and supervise patients when escorting them off-grounds.
Patients will not be involved in off-grounds work activities.